Getting Tested for Chlamydia

Knowsley Chlamydia Screening Programme for 15 – 24 year olds

In Knowsley, one in eight young people (aged 24 and under) tested are found to have Chlamydia. 
The test is free and easy. All we need is a urine sample, or you can request your own test kit
Your results are confidential and treatment is simple and free.

Order an STI test kit online 

Go on. Be responsible. Protect your future health and take the test.


About Chlamydia

Chlamydia is an infection which can be passed on during sex, including oral sex. 
It’s the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK, and can affect both men and women. It often shows no symptoms, so many people have Chlamydia without actually knowing. 
Without taking a test you will not know whether you have it! If left undetected, Chlamydia can cause serious health problems in the future, including long term complications such as infertility – in men and women. 
The only way to be sure that you don’t have Chlamydia is to get tested, because most men and women show no symptoms. 
Screening is easy and free and confidential. All we need is a urine/pee sample and if you are female you can take your own swab, it’s easier than inserting a tampon. 
 Order an online test  (see link above ), alternatively ,visit any Knowsley Contraception and Sexual Health Service Session to get tested.


The Chlamydia screening programme eazee2know test is available for people who aren’t having symptoms and simply want peace of mind. If you are having any symptoms of an infection, or something doesn’t quite feel right – head to one of our clinics. The reason why Chlamydia testing is so important is that most men and women show no symptoms at all. Gonorrhoea has no symptoms in around 50% of women and 10% of men. This means you may not be able to tell if any partners have an infection. Using condoms are a good way to protect yourself. 

If you do have any of the symptoms below, visit your local community GUM Clinic or alternatively a full GUM clinic who will help diagnose the problem. You can also get treatment and advice for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea as well as other STIs and HIV. Alternatively, phone the chlamydia screening office on 0151 706 2704 and they can advise you where to go or click here to find your local clinic. 
In men 
• a discharge from the tip of the penis 
• pain and/or burning when weeing
• irritation at the tip of the penis
• painful swelling of the testicles 
• a symptom of gonorrhoea may also be a frequent need to go to the toilet.
In women
• unusual vaginal discharge 
• pain and/or burning when peeing 
• pain during and/or after sex 
• bleeding after sex or between periods 
• lower abdominal pain (pain in the lower belly) 
• a symptom of gonorrhoea may also be a frequent need to go to the toilet.

It will take approximately between 10 and 14 days from the day the laboratory receive your urine/swab sample till the day the Chlamydia Screening Office receive your results. If you have not received your results within 14 days then please call Chlamydia Screening Office for your results on 0151 706 2704. 
The Chlamydia Screening Office will contact you by phone, text or letter (it’s up to you!). You will need to give your date of birth when you’re contacted to prove that you are the right person – this helps keep the test confidential. 
What the results mean
If your test was negative it means the bacteria that cause Chlamydia and/or Gonorrhoea HAVE NOT been found in the sample that you provided and we will not need to see you in our clinic. We always advise you to use condoms when having sex, and get a further test if you change your partner, or feel at risk in any way. There is no limit to the amount of Chlamydia tests you can take. 
On occasions the laboratory are unable to determine whether your test is negative or positive. When a test is ‘equivocal’ we will ask you to provide a second sample for us to run through the laboratory machine again, so we can be sure of the test outcome. 

Positive                 If your test is Positive                  Don’t panic. 
That means that the bacteria that causes Chlamydia and/or Gonorrhoea have been found in the sample that you provided. We will try and telephone you if we have your mobile number, as we will want to speak to you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment for you to see one of our nurses for a quick chat and to get your medication. We always check you are okay to talk, and that we are speaking to YOU! If you have only provided an address at the time of taking the test we will send a letter 1st class. This letter will ask you to contact us by phone as soon as possible. 
Once we have spoken to you on the phone, we will make arrangements for you to attend one of our clinics to receive antibiotics. We will ask you to bring your partner (s) with you at that time too if possible, so we can give them the same treatment . Although we will ask your partner to give a wee sample, we will not need to wait for a test result for them – as we will feel it is very likely they too are infected. There are a number of clinic venues across Knowsley where you can see an experienced sexual health nurse or doctor for treatment for Chlamydia, but this must be by appointment – which is why we will want to speak to you first. 
How to tell partners? 
We always encourage you to bring your partner with you to the appointment so that they too can receive treatment for Chlamydia. This will mean discussing it with them prior to attending. As previously mentioned, Chlamydia can hang around for months or even years undetected, so either one of you may have brought it into your relationship from a previous sexual partner. By you having the test, you have taken the first step in ensuring you both have a healthy future together. No blame is to be had; Chlamydia is very common and easily passed. It may be more difficult for you to contact previous partners, but we think it is important to let them know as they too could have this infection without knowing. Some people can feel angry, upset or embarrassed about discussing STIs with their current or former partner(s). You should not feel afraid about discussing your concerns with the Sexual Health Clinic staff as they can advise you about who should be contacted and the best way to contact them. We advise you to notify any sexual partners you may have had in the previous six months. However if this is difficult or you do not feel able to do so, our team of sexual health advisers will happily do this for you. Your name is not passed on, we simply suggest to then they get themselves tested as they may have been at risk. 

Treatment is just as easy as the test and it is free and simple. 
You will need to have a chat with the sexual health nurse or doctor and it will not take very long – usually about twenty minutes. If you bring your partner you will be seen separately, however the same questions will be asked, and usually the same tablets provided. 
In a relaxed yet confidential environment you will be asked some basic health related questions to make sure the tablets we give you are okay for you to take. We will ask you some questions about sexual partners and give advice as to how you can minimise your risk of infections in the future. We can signpost you for your contraception needs, or further STI testing to make sure there is nothing else lurking! 
Your partner will be asked the same during his/her consultation. Once we are happy – and more importantly you are happy – we will provide you with tablets you need to clear up chlamydia and the advice that goes with it regarding having sex and re-infection.