Long Acting Contraception FAQ

Please be aware that decisions regarding patient’s care will be made during a consultation with a Clinician.

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Q. Do I have to be on a period to have an implant fitted?
Q. I want my implant removing, when can it be done?
Q. How soon after having a baby can I have the implant fitted?
Q. I want to make an appt to have a coil fitted
Q. Do I have to be on a period to have a coil fitted?
Q. I cannot remember when my IUD/ IUS (Coil) is due for renewal/ removal can you tell me?
Q. How long before my depo injection is due can I have it?
Q. Is it still okay to have the depo injection when it is overdue?
Q. How long will I be safe from pregnancy from my last Depo injection?
Q. How many weeks are there between each depo injection?
Q. I can not remember when my depo injection is due, can you tell me?